Work Day at Nine Mile River Trail, Saturday June 8 at 9:30AM


Work Day at Nine Mile River this Saturday.

Hoping to rebury some exposed culvert pipes near the river. Lots of other tasks that we can tackle too.


No longer looking for a four-wheeler at this time. May not do culvert pipes on Saturday, although there are many other tasks to work on. Farm field that we were going to use to bring in material is too wet to cross.


How many hours of work? I will be there.


Awesome, Ryan. We’ll probably work until 1:00 (time goes fast when doing trail work), but whatever time you can give is great!


Ok great! I will need someone to sign my volunteer form (proving to my school I was there). Do I need to bring any tools? We have some.


I can sign for you. Digging tools would be good. Shovel, pick/mattock if you’ve got one. Other than that I think we’re good for tools. And dress for getting dirty and muddy. :slight_smile:


@Ryan02 - ok to post photos from work day to facebook and ecmtb?