Work Day at Nine Mile River Trail - Sunday Aug.1

Next work day will be this Sunday Aug.1 at 9:30am.

We’re going to build a log bench at the lake. The parts are there ready to be assembled. We will need to prepare the site – clearing small trees and branches, dig holes for the bench feet, and then assemble the bench. We will have tools.

We are planning to ride our mountain bikes in – about a 40-minute ride to the lake. Volunteers are welcome to ride in with us, or walk in and meet us - it is a long walk - about a one hour walk each way.

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Yesterday I rode the bench parts out to the lake using the canoe barrel on my back… which was interesting… Took 3 trips. The log bench seat is about 4.5’ long, and the barrel is only about 2.5’ tall - so there were about 2’ of heavy split log sticking out of the barrel - which was quite off-balance every time I leaned over… Compared to that the log bench posts and 2x6 feet were easy.

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I worry for you sometimes, Eric.


:slight_smile: I was also a little worried that the log would catch on an overhead branch and pull me off the bike, but although I tagged some little branches, that didn’t happen.

Bench installed. Looks great. Sits great. :blush: Thanks to the volunteers and to @riderx for the refreshments!