Work Day - Nine Mile River - this Saturday

Work Day at Nine Mile River Trail this Saturday at 9:30. The work we’ve been doing at Bog Corner has made a big difference. That section is much dryer now, even after rain. It still needs a bit of work, so we’re going to try to finish it this Saturday, and then move back to the wet and muddy sections just after the crusher dust along the river, a section we call “Mini-mud Alley”. (“Mud Alley” is the water hole section between Bog Corner and the rock bridge - we’re hoping to get Trailflow to work on Mud Alley this year too)


I cannot make Sat. Big improvement at bog corner. Really excited you might be able to get mud alley addressed!

Mud Alley might take a while since Trailflow will be doing other projects for us and we still haven’t identified a route to get equipment down there.

Worked at Mini-Mud Alley today. @Joanna and I opened and relocated a drainage pipe and rock armored the first mudhole section. Improved the drainage for the second mudhole. It will need rock armor another day.