Work Day Saturday Nov.16 at Nine Mile River Trail

Work Day at Nine Mile River Trails, Saturday Nov. 16 9:30AM-1:00PM. Planning to remove bumpers from boardwalks (the bumpers are starting to fall apart, and trap water and debris on the boardwalks), and to address erosion and mud issues around boardwalk C22. Volunteers welcome!

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I should be there. Ground will be frozen but there is still plenty to do.

Hey, Kevin. We’re thinking we will ride in, unless there are volunteers who show without bikes, so bring your bike. If we ride, we can get in to the work site and out quicker.

Removed bumpers to the long boardwalk across the doubletrack toward the lake. Also pulled about 150 (30 lbs) exposed spikes that held the bumpers on. Also removed some fallen or hanging trees.