Work evening at Nine Mile River this Thursday


Planning to do a little work at Nine Mile River this Thursday night if the rain doesn’t start early.

Going to cap some roots with dirt, and support a boardwalk or two with timbers and screws.


Capped a couple of large roots - all that a full wheelbarrow load would do. Not much difference for an experienced mtb’er, although now they might be a little easier to launch for a little air. :slight_smile: Better for wheelbarrows hauling dirt and rocks too.

Screwed the deckboards at the end of boardwalk C1 down to a surprisingly existing, but not doing anything support timber. The far end of C1 still bounces, but at least the deckboards bounce together.

Supported and secured boardwalk C5 much better. Doesn’t sag into the water any more, and the bounce is taken out of it.