Work on the local loop

Well, thanks to Riderx for giving me a hand today! We took out a rotten log from across the trail that the kids had piled rocks up at either side. Also straightened out the trail just uphill from it to get some good flow dropping into the dh, headed counter clockwise.

After Mike left, I did some more raking and got to that mess at the bottom. Thought I could give it a bit of love, but it started coming apart. Too far gone, in too poor a spot. So, I put in a new line that goes around it all, up high, along the side of a hill and along some ridges. The ends are still camoflauged, but it’s in there. I have some benching to do, but it’s all roughed in with the rake, and 99% of the greenery and deadfall has been cut out/back. I will open the ends up when the trail is good to go. It’s super loamy, pumpy in spots, and is A LOT better than the old trail. Lots of old, old pines and hemlocks. Bignose quipped that it was very Valley like.

All in all, lots done, I fell in love all over again with my axe, and I’m super stoked to try it out on the bike. I will post up if I’m going to ride it this week at some point, and will give the guided tour.

Well, despite the torrential rain, a hike with some friends from Church showed us the love put into the trails seems to be holding up. Some drainage experimenting has provided the best locations to drain/ditch a soggy but sweet section. An armouring project from two years ago that I haven’t even seen since then is still as awesome as the day I laid it down. So, I’m super stoked to have a decent rideable loop in the Sackville area getting better each time we go back. Last week we cleared a lot of brush/mess, re-routed the trail around a huge blowdown that now has even sweeter flow than before, put in a sweet sweeping turn that’s benched in and soon to be bermed to allow laps in either direction from an intersection, cut some roots, cut out downed trees, opened up some sightlines and generally made a few obstacles more rideable or faster.

Soon it will be raking season…

I will pist pics of it in the future. As of now, we’re just “improving” trails until we see how MTBers are accepted. All I can say now is that it’s near our town’s second-most recognised body of fresh water.

So, the trail is looking good!

The drainage is working great. The traditionally soggy spot is firmed right up, even after all this rain! Now that I know where the drains need to be, I will do some more major rockwork there to keep water and bikes flowing well!

Also benched and bermed in a nice turn at a T-intersection where the trail loops back on itself. Also removed some badly-placed rocks. There is lots more flow now. The unobvious spots of trail have been guided by downed trees. I taped off a new line so I can clean it up and get it worked in, which will let the older, lower, and soggy trail heal up. It’s pretty beat up in some spots, but others are just golden!

Can’t wait for the trees to quit dropping leaves so I can go in and rake it.



Before, looking up

After, looking up.

Just needs some traffic!

Lookin like some excellent progress. I rode off the Second Lake Trails yeterday but only to the left yesterday just beyond the trailhead. Haven’t been to the right side of it in a couple of months… I assume that’s where you’ve been doing the work?

Yes, I’ve been to the right. There is some decent stuff to the left, but looks like someone removed a bridge that was there. Looked OK to me, but might not be what the locals like to see. All my stuff is going to be natural and low maintainence. There is some new single track that parrallels the mushy doubletrack that is a hoot to ride. Then, at the turn uphill at the Hemlock stand, some has done some awesome benching and got some good flow going on there this summer.

I noticed the missing bridge too…

I’ll have to get out on the right side again. Next time you’re thinking of doing some work in there, let me know and perhaps I’ll give you hand if you want.

Cool! I’m usually spur of the moment, but I’ll post up. It’s going to get raked ones the trees bug off!

Id like to get in and see this loop, I live just up the road and would enjoy a track that close to home

Well, I might be out this Saturday doing some work if it’s going to be wet. I have a few lines to put in, and might do some raking as well. Also, I have some ditching to do. Let me know if you are interested. It’s not super long, but it’s fun to do laps on in either direction. It keeps getting better as well. I also might be doing some scouting later for new lines/trails.


Hey kinger and whoever else wants to;

I will be riding the loop a few times on the way home from work today. I’ll probably be there about 5:20 - 5:30. Just going to see how some of the new lines ride we put in last night, and identifying any other spots which will need some loving on Saturday. I’ll probably do a couple laps in each direction, so the climbs will be DH at some point. It flows better on way, but is great either way. I’ll be in blue and black kit at the park entrance parking lot on First Lake Drive aboard the green steel rigid bike with red Panaracer tires. Lights won’t be needed…Shouldn’t be out too late.


Took Russ out for a quick lap. Rode home throught the woods the long way. Good times. Might be out working on the trail this weekend. I’ll post up if I do.

I’m probably going to try and take a spin tomorrow afternoon around 4:30 or so and check out the work. Not sure if I can get out on Saturday or not at this point.

Saturday might be too wet anyhow. I might scoot out Sunday afternoon or something. You know how to get into it? Drop in off the gravel on the right when you see the pipe. At bottom of messy trail in, take first right. It’s techy at first, but I ride it all. You learn the line after a few times, but the loop itself is golden.

I might even scout a higher trail at the lake end to see it I can ride a contour line through the pines instead of dropping down into a wet, rooty, rocky mess. I can ride it OK, but it kills the flow, keeps getting worse, and not everyone is going to like it. If I do, keep an eye out for tape and let me know what you think.

Here’s my action from today…I went to the right at the pipe and down the muddy section (really sloppy today). Turned right at the at the bottom and then found the berm someone (you?) has dug out. I stayed to the right and then eventually came around to the lake…and then back uphill to the berm again and out. There were a couple of offshoots that culd be developed at some point.

Then I did the other side of the gravel path again…super sloppy again.

Sweet! There is a super nice but rough in sections out-and-back that comes off of that loop and goes out onto a peninsula in the lake. I also have something else in mind when you get to the lake, and then hit that low-laying mess. Think high, dry, and countour riding…

Packing some tools, and heading out with the single speed for a bit.

Nice meeting out there today on the trail Aaron. You’re doin some great work…kudos to you. I looked at my loop time today and it read 14:08…although some of it was walking and admiring the work. The loop in total from the berm back to the berm is apx 1.2km.

I went over to the other side again on my way out and explored along the hillside and scouted out a few lines and could be some decent trail in the future.

Het Pat!

Was good to meet you today. I only saw two other people out there today. It’s nice in the woods.

Got a fair bit done. Fixed a few sections and raked almost the entire thing, until my rake broke.

Here’s some pics…