Working on Dirt Jumps

Carpet might be cool on private property, but I don’t know how well it would go over at the park.

You should see these things. It looks like teletubby land on steroids. All bumpy with real coarse meadow grasses and stuff.

Is there any harm in trying to resurrect some grassed over HRM dirt jumps? Beaver Bank is looking pretty sad these last few years, but with a BMX on the way, I might be moved to scoop some dirt this year.

Is it generally “alright” to fix up jumps, without scooping out gaps in the tables and whatnot?

Can a fella make things flow a bit better?

I want to keep it local. :slight_smile:

Also, it’s right next to a river, and I have a pump-up pressure sprayer. :slight_smile:

I now have a big wheeled bmx that I’m thinking of trying on the fall river DJs


What bike is this? New, or something I overlooked in your herd?

I’m thinking I might just work on the jumps until someone comes to say otherwise. Would be sick to gear up a pump track all around the outside of it all, though…

I’m pretty sure that working on the jumps is encouraged to keep them good, so long as you don’t dig out the tables or build new jumps. There is a crew that goes in and works on them, but I think it’s only once a year. There was a post about that somewhere on here but I can’t find it now.

To my knowledge the park in beaverbank is more or less abandoned. I’ll look into it thou.

Adam Shore (Nimzie) and crew usually visit the bike parks once a year, but doesn’t sound like they were at Beaverbank. CG and I did a bike park tour last spring. The back corner of that park looks like it floods regularly, but the jumps closer to the front looked resurrectable.

I now have a big wheeled bmx that I’m thinking of trying on the fall river DJs

Probably hitting Halifax Skatepark tonight 8:00-ish, if you’re interested. Could join you at the DJs on the weekend.

I’m riding the gun range this evening, and working Saturday. Sunday? Possibly, Friday?

I might be able to go after work on Friday - about 4:00, or Sunday afternoon.

Personally (and i’m a horrible person for saying this) - I’d work on the Beaver Bank jumps and ask for forgiveness not permission. They’re built on a flood plane, you can’t get any momentum and they suck. Any attention they get will leave them in better condition than they are now and really thats all anyone should be concerned with.

Heads up… those jumps are not made out of jus dirt, they are (unfortunately) filled with sods. Get digging too far in and it’s going to be a pain to work with, if you haven’t realized this yet.

Really?.. Poop.

Was this a cost saving measure, or just a way to deal with wet areas?

Is this why they’ve grown into a tangled mess, other than a lack of riding them?

Can I just dose it with Round-up? (kidding… But would that work?)

round-up won’t kill sod it works on germinating seedlings but won’t do much to the existing root mass. the best way to kill sod is by smothering, old carpet works very well and can be ridden on in the meantime.