Wrandees Ride - Sunday 10am

Hey, I’m planning to hit wrandees tomorrow morning if anyone is interested.

Conditions are prime! (weather permiting)

Meet at Exhibition Park entrance. First lot on left as you enter.

If studs are not required I could be in for this

Theres only one spot. We can warn you. :smile:

hope to see you there

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I’m in. See you there!

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I feel like an idiot. Did you know there is thing thing called daylight savings time where the clocks go ahead an hour in the spring?

Bummer, sorry we missed you. Did you get a ride in anyway?

I’m really sorry guys. I had every intention of going.

I rode parts of Shubie and had an excellent ice ride from the Park up Lake Micmac into Lake Banook to the Banook Canoe Club and back then through the Canal and onto Lake Charles. I rode to my buddies house and he and his wife were siting on their lawn chairs on their dock. I chatted with them and rode back. The ice is pebbly and rideable without studs. I run 2.4 x 27.5 tubeless with 15lbs pressure front and rear and I never slipped once.

No worries, @muddy. We’ll catch you another time.

All in all, it was a great day out there.