Wrandees - Saturday Jan 17th @ 2:00

I’m planning to ride Wrandees this Saturday at 2:00, however if a later time is better for anyone, that is fine by me.

Thinking of going and doing the pipeline loop (maybe a few times), and then heading down the other side of the lake.

I’m in.

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I’m hoping to make it also.


if the conditions hold…maybe tuesdays ride too?

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So we’re meeting at the parking lot?

That’s what I was thinking @JeffV

We are supposed to get 20mm of rain on Monday so I doubt it will be good for Tuesday unfortunately.

Bummer, Sunday is going up to 6c so all will be mushy.

It might be shubie again… agh!

Tuesday is supposed to have a high of -3 so maybe it’ll harden up?

That would be nice. It could be an ice ride at Wrandees.

It was an excellent ride today. The trail was pretty darn good, just could use a little more snow and packing and it would have been epic.

Tuesday for a repeat?

Possibly, but I’d like to see how much rain we get tonight and tomorrow.

We will need to call it Monday night or Tuesday morning.

If the trail is like my front yard, it’ll still be quite solid and I expect it to freeze tomorrow.