Wtb 26 inch tires

Looking for some 26 tires around 1.95- 2.2 Looking for 2 for an xc bike for my dad to putt around on, also looking for a slightly burlier one (2.2-2.4) for an old trail bike I have laying around. Condition isn’t a huge factor, so if you are looking to get rid of a set let me know!

I have some 26x2.4” Maxxis Hookworms that I’m not using, not great for Trail but great for urban or skate park use.

Where are you located?

Sounds interesting, a bit larger than I am looking for ideally, but I’ll let you know

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Im just outside of Truro

My next feed run I can drop some off. What side of truro?

That’s very generous of you. Im in East Mountain between the golf course and bale fill. If that is out of your way I could potentially pickup sometime?

Depending on when the 311 opens it will probably be on the way to truro ha ha

Perfect! Let me know next time you are passing through! If they open up the road before that happens let me know as well and I potentially could pick them up if you are near Tata. My in-laws live in Denmark

Ha, probably easiest if I drop them off in Denmark, I’m through there on the regular.