WTB: 26" Tires *FOUND*

Looking for a set of decent condition tires to stud. Looking for 26" tires with a width of 2.2"-2.35". Unless the tire runs fairly narrow I wouldn’t be able to fit anything wider then a 2.35" and I don’t think I want to go any narrower then a 2.2". Needs to be a tire with fairly big knobs.

Let me know what you have.

If someone has one tire that is similar to the specs I described I would be interested, although a set is ideal.

I may have something for you. Let me check later tonight

Let me know if you come up with anything Mike.

I do have a set that will work for you. One is partly studded already too! Schwable Black Shark. Just need to finish studding the side lugs on one tire and stud the complete other one and you’re good to go.

We can talk price later…

Jetter I’m buying studs for my 29er, so I can sell you my practically brand new 26" studded tires if you’re interested. I’ll get the specs for you tonight.

So here’s what I have:

Two Kenda Kinetics 26" x 2.10" with two Mr Tuffy tire liners included, and less than 100 kms on them. They’re a bit skinnier than you were looking for but with 192 studs in the front and 128 in the rear they have a ton of bite. I even have an extra bag of screws you can have if you wanted to beef them up even more.

All-in they cost me $35 each to make. You can have them at cost if you’re interested, otherwise I’ll throw them up on the main buy/sell forum.

Messaged you both.