WTB: 7.25x1.75” (184x44mm) shock

I think my Fox Triad is probably toast and the prospect of sending it to Fox to rebuild a 12-year old shock with a dubious service history isn’t super appealing, so looking into options for replacement. Googling around a bit indicates that a newer Fox (7.25x1.75”) or an RS Monarch (184x44mm) might work. I’m not picky, just need something to get me through the upcoming season until I can pull the trigger on a new bike. Hit me up if you have anything kicking around!

I was going to buy this one but went with a performance elite

Hey thanks for digging those up @SQUATCH! I ended up sending my shock in to S4 to get a an estimate, if it’s egregious I’ll probably pull the trigger on one of the eBay listings.

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Just replaced mine, last I checked oil is not suppose to come out when you release the air.

Will rebuild it and keep it or sell it unsure!