WTB - Brakes

Hi Folks,

I am looking for a set of brakes for my Norco bigfoot. Does not need to be anything crazy as i mainly use the bike to ride the BLT trail with my son. My current rear brake piston is not retracting, and dragging the rotor.

Please let me know what you have available, and price.



Hey Jake,

What do you have on the bike for brakes now? A sticky piston can normally solved with a quick bit of service, often grit gets in around the pistons or they can get gummed up with baked on brake dust and the such. Have you tried cleaning the calliper? (Don’t forget to remove the pads first)


Like Pepperjester says, maybe it could be cleaned. Before cleaning it, if it’s a hydraulic brake, CAREFULLY forcing the piston back with a flat head screwdriver may free it. Then squeeze it back in. A few cycles may get it moving again, for a temporary fix. A better solution is of course to clean it properly.

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Personally I’d clean and lube it (with the appropriate brake fluid) before pushing the piston in otherwise you might be pushing dirt and grime past the seal and into the brake fluid in the caliper. Have a google for tips and techniques, there should be good resources out there.


True, cleaning first before resetting the piston would be a better idea.

Of course, if it’s a mechanical brake (not sure what you’ve got on the Bigfoot), new cable and housing may cure it.

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Chek yur cabels

(someone had to go there)


Hi guys,

Thanks for all the replies.

The brakes are juicy 3’s, so not a cable issue. I have given them a good cleaning, and piston comes out smoothly, but will not retract.

I had the bike in to a shop to have the wheels trued up, and they had a peek as well and figure a rebuild or replacement is in order.

Here’s a timely video posted on Pinkbike-

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I knew that was coming, @muddy. :smiley:

Actually, now that I think of it, I may have some old hydraulics sitting in my basement. I don’t remember what brand. Hayes? I’ll check when I get home tonight.

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Yes, I’ve got a pair of old Hayes hydraulic disks (front and rear with hose). If you want to try them, you can have them for free. @CyclingGirl would be happy to get them out of the house. It’s been years since they were used, so I don’t know how well they’ll work, and I think one of them needed to be bled when it was taken off.

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We riders NEVER throw anything away. You never know what you will need or when you will need it. @gtrguy is the king pack rat.


Rockhopper, that would be wonderful. I think i still have a couple sets of pads, and maybe even a bleed kit for old hayes. May be just the ticket to get me back out on the trails until i am able to get something better.

Just let me know when and where i could get these from you. I live out timberlea way, but can meet wherever.

Thank you!

Guilty! Never know when some little bit will come in handy. Having said that, even I have come to the conclusion that I need to divest of a few things. You’d be shocked to know how many Fox suspension forks I have hanging around that aren’t on bikes…

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Fox forks floating around always gets my attention!

Don’t keep us in suspens(ion)e…

Have an extra ~140mm, 15mm or 20mm thru axle, straight 1-1/8" steer tubed fork kicking around?

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I think I only have one fork that fits that description and isn’t on a bike but I’ll have to check to confirm if there are others. Will get back to you by PM

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Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, @Samhamwich. I’ll message you.

Thank you,

I messaged you back :slight_smile: