WTB - Front 27.5 non-boost 15mm Thru-axle Wheel - FOUND


I recently picked up a fork for my nephew and now I need a front wheel:

27.5 non-boost 15mm Thru-axle

Doesn’t need to be high end, but good condition is preferred so it looks decent on his newish bike.

Anyone have an idea if it would be cost efficient to put a new hub on his existing wheel if the spikes and home pattern matched? Or is that crazy?

I broke a carbon rim and Francis at Long Alley laced up a new rim using existing spokes and hub, give them a shout they might be able to help out!

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If the spokes don’t work it’s like 100 bucks to get proper length spokes, and 60 if it does at hubcyvle and bike monkey is similar.

Also Jeff what is the bike and hub there could be a conversion kit for the hub!

Its a 2018 Rocky Mountain Soul.

Hub is SHIMANO TX505

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Unfortunately not a wheel you can convert.

Seems so.

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I’ve been kind of looking for a boost front wheel. I’ve been running a non boost Spank Oozy with adapters. It works but it’s not ideal. Anyone out there have a reasonably priced front wheel available? Used to be a dime a dozen before this full suspension thing took off.

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