WTB: Rear wheel

Maybe you just need a nice worn out slick that’s been changed a gazillion times. You’re not using a tire with a kevlar bead, are you? Those can be buggers to change.

Looking to get a second wheel setup to put a slick on, to use on my trainor this winter and easily be able to switch back to go for a ride. So doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Heavier is prob better in this case, haha. And I’m running a 9 speed setup if that makes any difference.

The bad news is that, generally speaking, it’s a bad idea to swap out wheels on a bike because your cassette and chain wear together. When you swap wheels back and forth you end up wearing things unevenly because your cassette is getting half the wear that your chain is getting and you’re likely to have drivetrain issues much sooner. better off picking up a really cheap clunker bike and using that on the trainer.

Ya I assumed it would be hard on the chain wear but figured a new wheel and chain is the cheapest and easiest way. If i swapped wheels and chain each time would that be so bad?

That’s more work than swapping a tire! If you’re anything like me, that would be enough to turn me off using the trainer for sure. Personally, I’d go with the Kijiji 10 speed!

Really? I injure myself every time changing that stupid road tire onto my rim. I always end up bleeding somehow, where as chain has a master link, pop that off /on and done. I dunno, maybe another bike would be the simplest solution.