WTB: Spiked 26er winter tires

Hey folks,

Winter is coming. Hence, looking to pickup a pair of 26er spiked tires for some winter riding… let me know if you have a pair you’d like to get rid of.


Yes! That’s the spirit.


I’ve got a pair of 26x2.1 Schwalbe Ice Spikers, I put maybe a winter and a half of use on them before getting the fat bike, there are a couple of studs missing (as happens), but they are in great condition.


I’ve got Schwalbe replacement studs if you want a few.


Smashing. Messaged. Also thanks @Rolls

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I’ve got a set of those ice spikers as well if you’re interested. I think I did 2 rides with them.

@nimzie Are they the 26 x 2.35? One of my riding buddies is looking.

Might not be what you are looking for but I have a set of homemade studded tires made with woodscrews. Never mounted. I have seatbelt material cut to length to use as tire liners. You could take these on the ice at Scotiabank Centre and not have to worry about any slippage. True Ice Spikes :slight_smile:

I have zero use for them so let me know if you are interested in a cheap alternative to studded tires

pretty sure they are, however they’re in storage.

Thanks folks - I’m going to take @Cheshiremark’s Ice Spikers off his hands, so no longer in the market.

@muddy - those sound like fun, but probably not safety approved for the Metro Centre noon skate?

Yeah they kind of give new meaning to “shredding the trail”. They are very Mad Max like.

@nimzie when/if you get a chance to check maybe you could message me? Thanks!

Haven’t been here in a bit. Did you find some? Get yourself spiked up for next year!

adam(at) shorelineconsulting (dot) ca is my email. Drop me a note there please if you are.

Tires got used twice, removed and I’ve had a fat bike since :slight_smile: