WTB: winter commuter

Hey folks,

Looking for a bike to commute on this winter. Don’t care of it’s got flat bars, drop bars, whatever and any wheel size would be fine.

What I do want is:

  • aluminum frame (not steel, basically)
  • disk brakes (hydro or mech are fine)
  • no suspension

Size medium/54-56.

Let me know if you have something that would fit the bill. Thanks.

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Anyone have a medium/large aluminum frame? I may just build something up.

Lots of new-mint used bikes at @bikepedaler @bent6543. All your likings too roadie gravel semi To Fatkenstein bikes with odd bars, stems mechanical to hydraulic brake system, it’s like old school funk fusion to metal country out there . I’m not paid or endorse by. :sweat_smile:

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I’ve got a single speed converted 29" MTB

Ticks the hydraulic brake box. It’s cheap and unused since I got here.

I’ve probably got all the spares to build it back up with gears too

It’s a large, I can go measure & take photos if you like

Wouldn’t mind seeing a pic and if it had gears so much the better. Thanks!