X01 eagle issue

Hello everyone

I have set up my new drivetrain using sram B tension tool, limiters set correctly, tension seems spot on. But I am still having issues, it doesn’t shift great, and when in the 42t the chain try’s to ride up on the teeth, it doesn’t try to ghost shift it just wants to ride up on the teeth every few rotations. It also doesn’t sound to be too happy when in the big 50t. Has anyone else had this issue?


Check your hanger alignment? 12speed stuff is super fussy.


It is my understanding that the tool is meant to be used when the suspension is under compression.

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^ ^ I do believe you are correct.

Not mentioned on this SRAM Youtube Video:


I didn’t know this tool exists. I should get one. Need to replace the cable and housing for mine.

I set the b tension when bike was at correct sag.

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We have the park tool hanger tool at work but I don’t have a personal one, is there anyway to check diy? Hanger is straight but that’s just by eye sight.

This for reference as well

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I’m fighting eagle 12spd issues on 2 bikes right now, these drivetrains are mega sensitive!
I’ve had to tweak the hanger a bit on one bike to get it better, its not perfect, but better.
The other bike is really giving me a hard time, I think the hanger is just too tweaked.

I agree, they are finicky, half a turn of the barrel does a lot it seems. I have mixed feelings about them, the x01 11 speed I have experience with is much less finicky. I still have hope though. It is nice having the large range

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how’s the chainline? I’d also be rechecking the low limit adjustment. But definitely checking der hanger alignment.

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I’ve got GX Eagle on my Trance. It’s stayed relatively tight, with the odd adjustment but no where near as smooth as the XO1 11 speed I came from.

Have rechecked everything, chain line seems correct, can backpedal in every gear. I have a video here to show what’s up.

This will happen about 5 times per revolution of the cassette on specific teeth that are evenly spaced. It’s likely that as the chain wears in a bit this problem will go away.

It’s not trying to shift, the tooth is just far enough inwards that it crams the chain up on the 50t slightly causing catching.

Interesting… I would suggest trying redoing b tension using the tool but without the suspension sag. I have had success getting eagle dialed this way.

Depending on the suspension design setting it up this way can cause issues when shifting into the largest cog, with some pulley interference. You’ll know on the first test ride even in a parking lot if that is the case.

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Ok I will try this. Thanks