XC Eliminator Expectations

What are your expectations for a good XCE course? Smooth hilly terrain with a few small features chucked in for good measure that is mellow enough to be won on a regular XC race bike? Or how about a flattened out four cross course that demands as much of a riders technical skill as their physical fitness to cross the finish line first?


It would be awesome if you could find a good course to run it in an urban area
It looked great at worlds, good for spectators.

I agree on the urban ares for sure!

I like tech! Less training required.

Tech will separate the roadies from the mountain bikers. I could be a bit biased, however. The urban idea is great as well.

Considering how tech our local trails and race courses are, I don’t think “mellow” is the correct term needed to describe a course winnable by any of the local honches.

You want to use technology and inches of travel to eliminate potential competitors from your event? You’re on the right track.

Unless “tech” is road gaps or “drops to flat”, I think any of the local roadie mountain bike racers would do just fine on anything you threw at them.

I’m not trying to suggest any thing about the skill set of any local riders just trying to get a gauge of what people exact and or would like to see in a course for an even of this nature.

I personally think “road gaps” would be getting a bit out of hand but smaller gap jumps with alliterative lines around them would be acceptable. Same goes for “drops to flat”.

Sounds awesome. The “roadie” comment just seemed a little ‘out there’, as I don’t know of any roadies who would show up to a mountain bike event. Like, what are they gonna do? Put 700 x 28’s 'cross on their bikes?

I was just referring to the guys who kill road and race MTB as well. Not the sole road riders. AKA the guys who drop me like it’s hot on courses like Victoria’s Secret, but that I can manage to almost get away from them in the Gorge. Guys like Lamb, Tomlin, etc., are just freaks, though. Road machines, yet can kill any world cup DH equally aplumb. I was just hoping the event wouldn’t only be viable for super-fit guys to win or place well, but I guess it is racing, and it is XC eliminator. I’ve just been getting stoked about enduro too much lately.

If it was “mellow”, as much as could be around here, if could also be interesting to see someone with a real motor out there just slaying it. That said, it is mountain biking, but as mechwarrior said, any of the local boys with any seat time will do fine, technically speaking.

It all sounds like fun, though!

I am not a racer in anyway but I have often thought that if they really wanted to give the riders a test at the Olympic level they would not put them on the course they raced on in London. A better test would be Fight Trail. There are lots of obstacles there and plenty of skill involved. As well you could pick many different lines and this would allow for strategy to come into play as well.

Yes, Olympic MTB racing looks pretty silly to most people into mountain biking. But, it’s the Olympics.

pinkbike.com/news/Pinkbike-P … -2014.html

Haven’t really read in detail but seems PB wants to eliminate the eliminator. I’ll have to give it a good read tonight. Now, to be honest based on how much of the races are being run on the world cup I don’t blame them. It’s not been as good as it could be. I do think XCE has potential to be something really cool if the right kind of courses are built. wWe need them to be exciting, challenging and highly spectator friendly.

I personally think that a course with plenty of cool and realistic (no gimmicky stuff) features in a downtown setting that draws a big crowd can be good for mountain biking. Put us in the publics eye and we stand much to gain in the form of new ridership.