Xc forks?

Whats good these days? Who likes what? I’ve sold the Fox float that came on my Stump Jumper HT and am looking for a smoother and perhaps slightly longer travel replacement.

So what do you like and why?

If you want to stick with a 32mm chassis I would take a look at the Revelation. It tends to get good reviews, is available in 120mm for 29ers and has a better damper than the Reba. You can usually pick them up under $500 for a good used one, and they are dead simple to work on.
Mine is a 2012 and is still the dual-air version, everything 2013 up from Rockshox will be solo-air.

That might be a good option, a few other people suggested one. 120mm would be good, I don’t think I should go any longer then that thou.

The new 2015 stumpy evo HT comes with a 120mm pike up front. So I would think your frame will handle 120mm no problem.
The pike is available in 120mm now, but it’s pretty expensive for a short travel fork.

Yeah the 2015 Stumpy evo HT looks pretty rad. Different frame then mine, much slacker way more in line with the rest of their evo bikes them mine. the 2014 is more like a Stumpy Trail then a full on evo in my books.

Ended up ordering a new X Fusion Slide RL2 today, got a quote on one from S4 Suspension out of Quebec at a price that I could not say no to. I’ve been very happy with the performance of my Velvet RL so suspect the Slide with the newer RL2 dampener should be even better.

I was gonna say Rock Shox anything, but one of the fellas at the shop is LOVING his X Fusion. I think it will be a perfect Ryan-type fork.

Fork arrived today, shipping was nice and speedy as my order as processed Tuesday.

Initial impressions is are solid, as in the fork feels very sturdy and is beefier then I had expected. Will get it mounted on the bike tonight and get some ride time in over the weekend.

Will let you all know what I think.

So far so good. Much more confidence on trail with the new fork. Way less notchy then my old fox and rides higher in it’s travel. There is a slight top out felt when you squish the fork off the bike but I don’t notice it on trail, fork may need a few more hours of brake in time, I suspect this may go away.

I did have to lower my bar a to keep my riding position where I like it, to be expected with 20mm extra travel.

More to come…

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Any more thoughts on the X-Fusion Slide? I’m unexpectedly in the market for a new fork. I can get a good deal on a Reba RL (same as what I’m replacing), but I’m not all that excited about RockShox at the moment.

Didn’t get a ton of use on it this fall to be honest. Too many bikes to ride, not enough time it seems.

I’ve got it over at Banks Bikes now for a rebuild tho. I found the rebound to be a bit fast for my liking so Colin’s going to do a bit of fiddling for me. Not sure if this was an issue with improper oil levels or what at this point. My other X-Fusion, a Velvet RL2 feels awesome thou and the dampening range on that fork is just right.

I’ll report back with more once I get the bike back.