Ya'll know how much i hate too

Didn’t we also talk about how some conversations shouldn’t end up on the internet?

The exact thing that was said to me was ‘Some people may not like that.’ Sorry if I did not make that clearer when we were talking.

I am also a person who would take his Mac to a MicroSoft conference.

All I have to say on the whole topic is Gorefest 2009 is the template that all endurance events in Atlantic Canada should be based on.

Whoever said it was un-welcome should have their f-ing head examined for rocks. There is no need for that kind of garbage. The whole website war thing was done years ago, and it was lame then.

In the words of the Hammerpants, ‘can’t touch that.’ Everyone’s entitled to their feelings. This is meant to be a warm and fuzzy community and I’m ignoring controversy to keep it that way.