Youth Group Rides

My son is looking to connect with other like minded kids around his age. (Under 14)

We are in the Elmsdale but I’d be happy to take him to any group rides that might exist.

He is doing the youth ride series but would like to connect with others…


A kid’s ride is a topic that’s been tossed around for a while, as a bunch of us here have kids too (mine are 15 and 11). We’ve just never been able to work anything out. Open to organizing something though.

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Any one else interested ?

My dude and I would be interested. He’s only 9 though. Never sure if it will turn into a situation like this…

Maybe we could do a weekday evening at 9 Mile River or Irishman’s rd as a teaser before school lets out.


My son was just talking about heading out to Nine Mike River on Saturday if anyone wants to join…

That said, probably a great spot to setup a weeknight ride too…

Unfortunately out of town this Saturday for the camp & ride at Fitz, but another time for sure. And yes Nine Mile River is a great location for a kids ride…fun for all ages and abilities.

JD (13 yrs) is always game for group rides, we are making the trip to the Keppoch on Sunday morning for the day and have two available seats / bike rack space in the van if anyone is interested in hopping on starting from HRM, or pickup along the way…


Sounds intriguing for sure! I may be interested and can chip in for gas!
I dont have a kid to bring yet though, (dont give the wife any ideas yet!) but i do act like a kid on a bike if that counts

Definitely in for a kid’s group ride at some point with my 11 year old!

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Probably Heading to Keppoch as well! Not sure if it will be Saturday, Sunday or (hopefully) both. My little dudes and I might see you there!

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Great day at keppoch! My 6 yr old made it to the top, tried to bunny hop every root on the way down, experienced his first forearm pump/hand cramp from braking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was thinking of taking my son up to empire trails…

Anyone in?

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Wish I could.

I’m really wondering what’s a good loop for groms at Empire though.

Any interest in doing Wednesday night somewhere?

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We could do 9 mile river

We’re out this Wednesday…my son has a ball game.

With all this rain, NMR will be pretty soggy.

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Going forward, is Thursday better for you and Alex, @rolls?

We’re out this Thursday too. No night is better or worse, just depends on the week.