Youth Group Rides


hi sorry i just found this topic. im 14 and it be nice to ride with some kids around my age if he would be intrested id be up for a ride


i’m interested


Good to hear there are young riders on ECMTB and keen on riding! Go guys (and gals)!


When I was 14 I rode with the big boys on regular evening rides. The epics were later in life. The ECMTB rides ain’t exactly crazy fast from what I remember.


We’ve seen these guys ride, no question they can handle themselves on a bike, it’s just a liability thing for us. They are always more than welcome on the ECMTB group rides, but with adult accompaniment until they are 16.


Note, the original intention of this thread was a parents and kids ride.

If only one adult showed up, they are liable for any / all kids there.