2018 Pic From Every Ride


@lancethedesigner Hi ! Lance,I’m Du~~~~~:laughing:



You can almost see me in the back in the bushes. Lol


Perfect day for a 20 k ride. Even samples some of the work they have done at Vic Park. So much better.


Took our kids for a ride that mirrors my commute from Beechville to Brunswick St. Figured it would be a little more dead, but it was a bit busy. A few heart attacks, but they really did do well, especially after we talked through their mistakes.


Sorry, got too warm & went out on the road bike. Does a footbridge & a gravel road count as gnar enough?


Good times at Keppoch yesterday, even saw some familiar ecmtb faces


Awesome, Saturday was a blast too… perfect weather. Love that Coilair!


I’m still blown away how much fun Keppoch was riding there the full day yesterday. Had too much fun riding to stop and take pictures, so I only have a few while trying to hang onto the truck while shuttling up the hill.


Same thing happens to me every time, all I get is shuttle pics LOL

Though my buddy had his gopro running this time, might have a bit of video.


Huge turnout at Irishmans tonight. 19 riders!


Actually, 22. Eric, Janet and Nova showed up later.


Yup i was there about 715 and started doing some loops, tons of riders out! Full lot too.
A little post ride fire i captured;


Invermere BC


Yesterday’s Minto+MVP Recon ride! It Was a blast.

Ran out of time and battery drained while I was in Mvp trails, forgot my big lights too.

Minto: pros: its blackline is like long lake wrandees but much longer and flowy, sandy and lots of awesome turquoise lakes
cons: loose sand, mudsinkhole on its fire road and Big fire ants dont stop!

MVP: pros: really made trail
cons: Bugs will eat yah, bring lots of bug spray. :laughing:


Little Adventure Fitz.


From a crusher dust ride with my wife:


The lookoff at Wentworth


Such a nice look off


Riding in Vallee Bras du Nord, QC…