2018 Pic From Every Ride




Lay off the roids dude


I was wondering when i’d see the new crankless drivetrain locally. Gotta love em, saves a lot of weight. And you have to love how you just need to tape your shoe to it and boom set to go.

Id say its time to get that chromag dirty :smiley:


Not really. Was out for the Hub Cycle Group Ride, put the power down on a flat bridge and it just snapped. Push biked it out haha.


Maybe amature powerlifters shouldn’t become mountainbikers.


Well I hit 2 jumps on it now, and got a bit of air. Not much, but wheels have left the ground lol.


Throwing on some Shimano Saints they should be as bomb proof as the rest of the bike. Rode it at Gore, felt so dialed in, even though I wasn’t.


Thinking of making the jump into Rib Fest…


I dont know where this is but if theres a jump at the bottom please tell me where it is and dont tell my wife about it


Can’t go wrong with saints! Be hard press-fit to find something better for dh and freeride :wink:


Sorry to get you hopefull. Not actually a jump at the bottom. This is a magic carpet at a little ski hill in the Toronto area.


probably for the best!


Explored around Grey Mountain yesterday. Lots of nice trails, including some good steep loose DH.


Cool! Haven’t been there since sometime last year. Time to revisit that spot.



Mountain Biking in Truro[/url] by Douglas Smith, on Flickr



Feet Wet Crossing


Took my son to Fight for the first time. He loved it.


Rode Victoria Park for the first time Sunday, caught the last bit of an ecmtb ride



I am absolutely in love with Grey Mountain. I just wish my legs where stronger for the tough climbing! Time to spin the legs more :stuck_out_tongue: