2018 Pic From Every Ride


Vic Park day #2 and bike #2 for @TheGOAT, this is why you own more than one bike :smirk:


Soggy days are best spent on granite.


what trail is that in 2nd pic?


You can see the trail on the heat map. Comes in from Herring Cove road at the water station near Roachs Pond and connects to the south end of Flat Lake Loop.


And to think I was gonna sell the old gal


Wally, overheating at Brookvale:


Favourite trail system in Ontario so far…It starts & finishes at a craft brewery.


Jumping a berm on the way out of the Shady Grove trail outside Saint John, NB.

The jump in the first video (actually the third attempt at jumping because I didn’t think the first two were impressive enough) did not end well. You can see at the end I did not keep the rubber side down.



Looks like fun! No harm done I assume? I notice that it looks like you might need a bit more air in the rear tire.


Check out the reaction of the onlooker.


Proper way to take a bridge; dont touch - it’s lava!


It begins…!


Had been a while since I’ve ridden this trail, you inspired me to revisit it last night, good to ride it again until a stick trashed my derailleur LOL


Another 36k in Victoria Park, this time on the fatty


Another for the summer fat bike club! :smiley:


Dude I really should ride my fat bike more, I love the thing. Just barrels over roots and rocks like nothing :muscle:


Hit all 10 Lines with the Stevie smith of HFx @lonewolf


Sunset from Whopper on tonight’s group ride.




I have so much respect for this guy, that I let him passed me.:love_you_gesture:t4::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @darkmyth Rocking it. PC: sarah foote#kentvillecanadacup