2018 Pic From Every Ride


Went to Iceland for a week-long trip with Sacred Rides / Icebike Adventures; what a time! Amazing scenery and fantastic riding companions. I’m third from the right in green jersey and black/blue helmet.


Sounds like fun. What were the trails like? What did you ride?


Trails were fun! Nothing special that make me say “I gotta go back just for that trail” as in with Guatemala’s El Zur Bike Park. But aside from some loose climbs and descents I enjoyed the riding and had a ton of fun.

More than anything, it was the scenery that stole the show. More waterfalls than could be counted, and our tour included post-/pre-ride drives to big attractions like Gullfoss, Skogar, and Geysir (spelling might be off). Great trip, highly recommend. I’m considering a return trip to see more of the country and perhaps do some winter fat biking there too.


Demo Norco Optic for first ride at Bird Sanctuary


@Mattcasey303 he saw a squirrel.


Biking in 40 degree weather is fine, right?


Representing in Iceland! (Photo credit: @DVH)


Little bit of fun in Vic Park last night


I don’t know why but I keep second guessing my self before that jump line and bale. I need to go back an hit that line for once.


I was the same way dude, finally say heck it and went for it. The first attempt was sketchy, but this was the second one. It’s pretty intimidating!!


Fitz is Runnung great right now!



Riding the beach in Scott’s Bay, beautiful sunset!



Riding Charles Road Bike Park pumptrack. Looks really slow, but felt a lot faster. Still, made it around without pedaling.


Celebrated my birthday on the trails at Gore with @hfxcarlos. Ended with a wicked sunset


These clip contraptions are kinda sketchy, kinda improve my riding.


Man, I was up at the part on Wednesday and this was my first time up since they put in all the signage. It’s so nice and on almost every trail. It also looked like there was a Royal butload of new trails in the works. I’m super excited.


The new McCabes loop once dry and ridden in is going to be insane. Rollers jumps berms and a boat load of bridges!. We busted ass on the last trail build day as well. Also a lot of sharp stone and small roots have been removed so you can open it up and not puncture!


Is that why McCabes is closed, for upgrades? Saw the “closed indefinitely” signs and thought it was going to be lost to us.


It just opened yesterday morning. It’s a mix of machine and natural now. Probably wont get fast until next summer unless we get some sun. I’ll take some photos next run through and post em. For example the downhill that had a blue pipe is now bermed in. Parts of the trail aren’t even recognizable.