2018 Pic From Every Ride


My go to is Starbucks Sumatra… which I guess is Indonesian dark roast? I would love to find an alternative though.


ECMTB / SJC mashup


Such a blast! Truly appreciate the guided tour



Good times at Flipside/Scotch


NIne Mile River work day in 6s.


Thanks for doing this. I’m looking forward to being able to lend a hand once my shoulder is back in working condition.
I walked Nine Mile last weekend and did manage to add a few rocks to the pile and placed a couple along the trail here and there.


Where is this?



At Spider Lake-note the sign


Doggo does not look impressed.


That’s a very official looking sign! :smile:


She was trying her very best to sit still while I fumbled with my iPhone. The rest of the ride she had a big sh*t-eating grin on her face!




Where’s the sign for ‘Asshole that Lives Near Spider Lake Season?’

That fucker threatened to kill my dog once before and threatened me as well. Of course, the RCMP, useless morons that they are, did absolutely nothing.



Shouldn’t that be HRP jurisdiction?


Dunno. TBH, I’m not sure who we contacted, but they were about as useful as tits on a bull.

There have been complaints to the cops about this guy going back more than a decade and nothing ever happens.


How bout this one?


@gtrguy Thanks for the rocks! We used every one in the pile. We’ll continue to need more… more holes to fill.