2018 Pic From Every Ride


Yeah there is. It’s located in the HRM this winter



psychedelic february!


From our Nine Mile River ride. The lake at the end of the trail was fantastic.


Yep. Those cracking noises we heard were especially invigorating.


You mean safety cracks :wink:


Not bike related, but check out the sound and visuals of this guy skating black ice. It’s unreal.


I stand corrected. Definitely felt safer after hearing the cracks. Almost too safe.


Spectacular conditions this morning



Almost didn’t go out this morning because I thought there’d be too much snow for skinnies, but conditions were fantastic.


Was really good in there this morning.


Trails everywhere where a blast for any bike. Especially if you had studs.


Quick tip for avoiding those pesky wet weather ruts…don t ride! Beautiful walk on a secluded trail.


You guys can stop teasing the CX guys. They just don t know how to jump. better off thinking about how to keep the moto tards off of these lines.


Couple pics from the old Jacks Lake stunt loop, it’s still rideable, there is quite a bit of decent riding in that area when you combine the range stuff with the old jacks trails and the Sandy Lake walking trails.
The sandy lake trails are very popular with dog walkers though, so it’s better in there at night


Hmm, how do I rotate those around?


You need to open them in the editor on your phone and rotate them a few times and re-save. It works for me. I’m not sure why it is not fixed in the forum software yet. (drives me nuts, TBH).


Thanks for that! Fixed it.


Cool, I haven’t been in there for years!