Across The Highlands MTB Challenge


Same!! I really want to do it this year.


I could be talked into going. :slight_smile:


So tempting…ECMTB crew…more tempting…

what’s the distance again? 60 or 70 isn’t it?


Yeah it’s usually a 60-70 km loop, with options to bail on shorter 20 km and 40 km loops.


I will drag you if I have to HAHA


Just found out the tentative date is Sat Jul 15/17. They are meeting this coming weekend to hopefully lock down that date.


Bummer. That puts me out for this year






Interested but unable to commit at this time…


Thanks Derek

That was the weekend I had circled on my calendar. I’m planning on going.
Just need a place to crash that weekend.

(bed crash, not bike crash…I’m sure there will be a few bike crashes anyway)


Welp, bad news…just heard from the lead organizer that there will be no AHC this year. The organizing committee has too many scheduling conflicts throughout the entire summer and can’t commit the time and resources this event requires.


Ah man… Thats really depressing! I was so excited to participate this year!


Fawk…Well. I had taken the week prior off. I am planning on making my way via car/camping and stopping to bike along the way. I’m planning to hit up Victoria Park, Wentworth, Fitz, Keppoch and was going to end it all with the ACH. I will bring my road bike for sure now.

I wonder if the organizer would want to lead an informal self supported ride that weekend? Is that the bike shop owner in Cheticamp?


It’s Michel Aucoin. I’ll send you his email address in a PM.


Keppoch party instead?


@riderx I’m free that week/weekend. I’d be up for hitting any/all of those places with you.


@JeffV Fitz/Keppoch combo weekend.


Im up for this keppoch/fitz party!


In lieu of the camping trip or in addition to?