Across The Highlands MTB Challenge


Definitely interested in such a trip. My car can take four bikes and four people (myself included); five people if some are little and can squeeze into the back seat. Would definitely want to make a stop at that waterfall!


Same here. I can take up to 5 total. I have 2 slots up to fat bike, 1 older QR front wheel slot and 2 slots on the rear rack good up to and including plus bikes.

I would need one of the fat bike slots for my self of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Orrrrrrrrrr… I could just do this :stuck_out_tongue:


I rode this in 2006 and 2007. After that they changed the route every year. This route was fun, but not easy. A lot of gravel roads and double track. No singe track. Does not look like I took many pictures while riding.

Album from 2006

Album from 2007 includes other photos from the weekend.


The shuttle is 1:30 long one way, so one group of people would be stuck for 3h guarding bikes. We do this often for paddling. We usually have all cars at the end so everybody can leave and one person get driven back to their car. I often try to have the last car moved ahead while paddling or riding is going on, so there is no need for a second shuttle. I got a buddy in Cheticamp who can help with this.

Also there is another way across to the north.


You probably already know this, but, Garmin data can be exported to and displayed in Google Earth. Would be cool way to view it.


Definitely interested in doing a ride like this.


I have heard of this but have never done this. Thanks!


I reached out to one of the original organizers who did all the mapping and he sent me a bunch of info. Here’s one of the maps.


Here’s the cue sheet from 2006. He said the route was essentially the same, pit stops were moved.


Obvs if we ride we won’t have pit stops! It looks to be about a 4 - 5h ride so none of us is so emaciated as to die of starvation in that period of time – but of course if we do stop we’ll chat for about 3h so we should bring some snacks :smile:


Yup. Plan for 6 hours. Ride in 4-5 hours, and no support, no cell service. We would need a water filter. I have one.


Let’s go!! Just need a date and time.


AHC_2016-07-16_09-07-40.gpx (1.2 MB)

Try this GPX file I recorded of the AHC in Cheticamp 2016.
I don’t believe I did the whole ride; 40km.


completely different route. The one we are going to do was never repeated after 2007 to my knowledge.


Oh sorry.
Well, if you do that route, be mindful of that hill. I swear it’s only a few degrees off vertical.


Hmmm looking at the finish point of the 2007 course, it seems fairly close to this place