Across The Highlands MTB Challenge


That’s usually the Fitz camp & ride date. @JeffV?


Fathers Day is the tentative date of Tired Tires this year :wink:


Camp-n-ride is the one Mike is talking about.

It is already penciled in on my calendar. Just not posted yet.


Might have to do that this year. Need to check the Randonneurs schedule, though, for conflicts.

Irishman’s again?


Yup it will be at Irishmans again this year.


Confirmed…no across the highlands event in 2018.


Some of us could ride the route of the original AHC this year. Leave a car at one end, ride across, and drive back to the cars. It was a fun and hilly experience!


That would be a blast. Any maps around of the original route?


Yeah I’ve got it marked on a topo somewhere.


Across the Highlands Challenge by Douglas Smith, on Flickr

Full Size:


This route also takes you within 500 metres of the tallest waterfall in Nova Scotia.


I would be very interested.


You wouldn’t regret it when screaming down the two downhills! I’d have to get confirmation on the route. It was not recorded with GPS. Just memory after the fact.


Holy mack#$! Who wants to go asap? Hit me up.


I’m interested.


Interested…too much riding, too few hours to do it all.

Does anyone have Strava tracks from that AHC they can share?


Not sure strava was around back then. It’s been quite a few years since AHC actually went ACROSS the highlands.


I may have some garmin data for it…old school garmin stuff. Will have to check when I get home.


Thanks…I was thinking the first one was around 2012. Must have been earlier than that.
I was struggling to get a sense of the landmarks/distance on the topo map above


I think the one we did in Mabou in 2015 was the 12th annual event, so it’s been around since 2003. Not widely publicized though, obviously.