Alt/Sweep Bars?


Have been geeking out on the interwebs lately on Bars with more back sweep. Something like these:

Anyone have any experience?


No experience but looks interesting! Might fit some riding styles quite nicely. Almost remind me of cruiser bars with the back sweep. Not sure how id feel about em on a mtb tho, i think they would be too in your lap when jumping


reminds me of moustache bar


They’re getting popular in the UK for bike packing.

I rode with something similar when I broke my wrist a few years back, but they weren’t suitable for anything technical (and certainly no air!). It kind of depends on your riding style, so probably fine on dual track terrain IMO


I have those same Jones bars on a 29er hardtail used mainly for roads/paths. The hand positions are good for upright cruising or getting lower into the wind. Quite comfortable for longer distance. It might take some figuring with stems to get them in a good position.

They’re ok for trails, but again, the bar position seems to make a big difference in comfort and control. The narrow width helps get around trees easier. Climbing either seated or standing can feel weird pulling up or back if the position isn’t quite right. Steers well and feels good when fit properly. Hands can feel like sliding forward in the steep or rough stuff. The long grip length can sometimes mean the brake levers aren’t in the right spot at the right time.

I cut about 1" off each end. The ol’ 29er has a steep head angle, quick steering. The wide bars felt unmatched, slowing the handling. Too much leverage as well for the type of bike and style of riding.
It kinda makes sense that these bars work best with a Jones frame considering the difference in position and handling than an old style geometry 29er.


Cool thanks for input guys. Was thinking of getting one for my singlespeed if I can find one for a good price. Will let you know how it goes