AVMBA Corn Maze Ride - November 1st


Is anyone going earlier? I’m so excited I brought my bike to work so I should be there shortly after 6pm.


Probably won’t be able to get there too much before 7, sadly.

Anyone have a drone? Footage of a night-ride through the maize would be cool to see!


Likewise, probably won’t be there until close to 7. Great day for it, should be awesome.


@IanMHFX there’a a couple of raised bridges inside the maze that get you up above the corn…good spots for pics/vids. But yeah a drone would be cool.


I may be there early. Need to grab a bite to eat and my bike at home so can’t say exactly when, but probably a bit earlier. What time were you thinking?


Going to be an amazing night for it. Should be a great group between Hali and the valley!


Riderx, I will be there 6:15pm or shortly after.


Change that! Had to wait for Darkmyth. 7pm is more likely now.


Thanks so much for everyone who made it down from Halifax and area. It was an amazing night ride! Almost 30 riders and so much fun had. I’ve never heard so much hooting and hollering on a ride before!

The Strava flyby was great! Where is all the video that was shot?


Working on it as soon as time allows. :slight_smile:

Unrelated: if someone were to have taken a picture at the pumpkins cut-out picture station, in which the name of the maze establishment is visible, should that information be redacted as part of the usage agreement? Asking for a friend.


hhhmmmm good question. Might be best to avoid that. Although it would be awesome, Thanks for checking, much appreciated!


Couple of corny guys chasing KOB’s through the maze! (Credit to Derek for the KOB joke!)

@Chris_Dwyer-perkins @Cheshiremark @Rolls


Complete and udder cornage…


That’s pretty a-maze-ing. Nice to see all the tracks cobbled together.



Now that’s a fine looking collection of middle-aged white men.


I was going to say children of the corn… but… yeah! :slight_smile:


Out standing in their field!

(@JeffV gets credit for that one )