Bike recommendations for 6 year old


Hey guys,

my son would really like to get into riding a geared mtb. So far he has been riding bmx style bikes, and i would love to be able to get him out on some trail rides this season.

Looking for recommendations from folks who have been down this road already.

Budget, is a factor, so not interested in $500+ bikes initially.

thanks in advance.



This one’s lasted through both of my kids so far. Only one shifter to worry about. Easy to flip the stem and play with the headset spacers to dial in the fit/let the bike grow with them.
For budget constraints I’d keep an eye on kijiji for something like this or one of the other major bike brands-treks and giants probably pop up most frequently.


This ones on sale at cyclesmith in the red colour!


The MEC Dash is a great little bike. Bought one for my son a few years ago and now my daughter is on it. Reasonable weight, decent components. I put some 20x2.2 Maxxis Snyper (wish they made the 24" in 2.2!) so it’s got just a little bit of squish in the rear and good traction.


I had a mec Dash for my daughter and one for my nephew as well. Great bike.

They are on Ghost Kato 24’s now. Also, great bikes.


+1 for the MEC bikes. My son’s now on the MEC Ace 24” and loves it.

Only thing I’d change is the grip shifts. He tends to accidentally change gear when he’s riding hard. MEC has switched to trigger shifters on the current models though, which is a nice upgrade.


Thank you for all the replies guys. Sounds like the MEC Dash is a popular choice.

I really like the fact that it weighs under 25lbs, unlike department store bikes which weigh around the same that my DH bike used to weigh.

Grip shift will need to be changed out, but that’s minor.

Any chance any of you folks that have recommended the dash, still have one kicking around which has been outgrown?


Unfortunately, not. I sold Zoe’s and my nephews is pretty wrote off.


Sorry dude,
Hoping my little dude is on his for at least another year. I know a few people who’s kids have them as well, if anyone is going to a bigger bike anytime soon and looking to sell I’ll let you know.


I have this Specialized Hotrock that my kids have grown out of. PM if you’re interested.


Pm sent


Good luck! It’s awesome to have a little riding buddy to share the stoke!!


If anyone is still looking for a decent kids MTB, this just popped up on kijiji. I have no affiliation to the seller!


Great little bikes, and that seems like a really good deal!


My kids have all had good quality bikes since their first 16" Trek. We’ve had Norcos, Giants and several Devincis. My 10 year old son (he’s a bit short) is still riding the 24" Devinci that his sister also rode. It’s light, the parts are high quality and it’s lasted. He will likely outgrow it this summer, so I’ll have it up for sale in a few months. It’s the older version of this: