Bike Sizing


If you are squarely between sizes is it better to go smaller or larger frame size.

  • Smaller Is More Flickable
  • Larger Because My Knees

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At about 6’-3", that’s not a problem I’ve encountered. (I’ll take the XL, please.) I guess I’d go with smaller since even XL can be a bit tighter than I might like, but it doesn’t bother me once I’m riding.


Im 5’4" Im supposed to be 15.5 sizing on mtb, but i choose medium 17 on my Scott Genius. I find it more comfortable, just me :nerd_face:. also long uncut handlebars and slammed stem give me more control. My dropper is slammed too.


Option C - one that fits

The ‘new’ fad of long top tube works for lanky long arms like me.


It’s all about reach length for me. Assuming stand over and stack height is acceptable on either size. I know what range works for my riding style and majority of trails I ride. I tend to be on the “flickable” side of riding so 5’8"(173cm), 420 to 440mm reach with a 35mm stem is where I like to be.


Depends, do you ride like Danny MacAskill, or Aaron Gwin?


At 5’10" I seem to fall right in the middle between a medium and a large. I’ve always rode a medium and it feels right to me.

When I was bike shopping for my Trance, I took out a medium and a large. The large just felt too big to me, maybe I would have grown accustomed to it like I did with the wide handle bars, but when I took the medium out it just felt right.

Someone the same height as me but with longer arms and legs may feel more at home on a large.


your knees aremore important than flickable. Also if they don’t have a size that is super comfortable, then I’d look at a different brand and find one that is. Get knees and flickable.


I’m between medium and Large myself. I choose large to get the extra reach on the toptube.

For me it’s not just the seat tube height, it’s the reach as well. It is worth trying different brands though for sure. A slight change in top tube length or angle on the headtube can mean the difference between tolerating and loving your bike.


i don’t believe that for my ability there is any difference between a medium and large once the contact points are adjusted


I love watching a good chainless run, friggin crazy