Building a fat bike


I got a fat bike for really cheap it was spray bombed green and pink and really not taken care of. I stripped the bike and painted it at work over the last few days I’m rebuilding it but need some parts to get it working, and would just like to upgrade some parts as well. I’m trying to spend as little money as possible but do have some things for trade, bike and non- bike related. Nothing special, but may be of interest to someone. if you have any of the parts below lying around, hit me up and see if we can work something out

  • 110mm stem
  • grips
  • 26x4.0 tires and tubes
  • disc brakes
  • anything that could be considered upgrades: pedals, handlebars, 9 speed conversion, seat, whatever


Dude I’m 90% sure I’ve got everything on that list but the tires and the drivetrain just taking up space on my bench. Let me check my shed when I get home, but you’re welcome to it, just come pick it up.


That would be awesome thanks!