Canada Cup XC - Kentville


12noon Sat.


Man it was like wrandess on steroids and longer gradual climb. 5 Star rated. Thanks for the suffering Trailflow.:laughing:


What a great track and some spectacular rides by some local racers today. Really enjoyed cheering folks on between swim race heats. Well done, @Pepperjester and @MichelleLikesBikes.


Was pretty tough in that heat, course was awesome.



Thanks for coming out everyone, I don’t have the final talley on racers, we didn’t make the target of 200 but it was a good showing none the less.

Todays racing was off the hook, and included feats such as the Men’s Elite winner Sean Fincham tossing big no handers off the overpass on multiple laps mid race - epic. I can not wait to see the footage from the film crews. I didn’t have much time to spend on trail today but I kid you not there must have been well over 100 spectators in the area of the overpass alone during the elite races today. It felt like a World Cup out there!!

Shout outs to Andrew L’Esperance for his second place finish and Mackenzie Myatt for finishing third, both doing Nova Scotia proud.

Big thanks to every one involved, lets do it again next summer!
(proper race report to follow after a well ove due nap)


Huge kudos to you and Michelle and Kyle for pulling this together. Vicki and I went to spectate on Saturday and Sunday and the racing was excellent. The best spot seemed to be around the flyover bridge and it was fantastic to see the crowds. You could see the racers coming and going as well as across to the top of the ridge.

Kudos to TrailFlow. Between the racing and the Norco demos, you’ve inspired at least one person (my wife) to get an MTB and try some off-road riding. Mission accomplish!


The Atmosphere in there yesterday was awesome, the entire area between bottom switchbacks to the DH section leading into the overpass was absolutely packed with people.
The majority of the elite mens field was whipping every little jump, and Sean’s huge no handers over the overpass as he went on to win the race had the crowd going nuts.
Overall from a racers point of view, and a spectator, the event was great, can’t wait for next year, where no doubt it will be even bigger.


Wow! What an incredible weekend!

The course was awesome even with the rain. The organization was spot on, and everyone seemed to have smiles on their faces throughout the event. Lots of local riders did really well too!

Huge thank you to all the folks involved with the Kentville Canada Cup.

The hard work and dedication of folks like Ryan Lindh, Michelle Marcinkiewicz, the staff of Town of Kentville, and is truly inspiring. A shout out to the members of UCI, Canadian Cycling and Bicycle Nova Scotia that were present as well.

A special thank you to all who volunteered. You were all great, and a pleasure to work with.

Honestly, best weekend of 2018 for me! (so far!)

PS…There are a ton of pics online, check them out. And did you see the suicide no hander over the overpass!


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Thanks to all the volunteers too! My family had a great time as spectators to our first ever race. Its was really quite impressive.


Awesome event! Kudos to everyone that made it happen.

Just happened to be near the overpass for the men’s elite race…truly impressive watching the leaders float over the techy stuff and still carry enough speed up the overpass ramp to be able to launch off it with tail whips and no handers. Amazing.



Great event. Way to go Ryan, Michelle, Mike, Kyle et al.! I’m hiding behind a tree trying to get a photo in the no hander video. I missed it from my angle. Thanks for posting it!


We made GMBN race news…


That is awesome.


Man, SOOOO disappointed I couldn’t attend this event. Had planned to race the 4X and everything but tore my Achilles at my sister’s wedding dance just a week before. No one parties as hard as I do!
Looks like y’all had an awesome event. Even making GMBN Race News! Unreal!
Ryan and Michelle, when I get better, I’m coming to visit and ride everything! (And drink all the beer)
Kudos Trailflow and everyone involved!


Perhaps not all the beer, less you hurt yourself again. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


From someone whos been working to boost that overpass with less effort (holy hell i gotta pound my dh bike through there to make it) that no-hander was cool as fuck


Sounds like a good time. Might check it out next year.