Carbon vs aluminum


Okay, I’m getting a new ride at an insane deal and I want opinions about the durability of carbon frames. Brand is Knolly and I’m trying to decide between an aluminum or carbon Warden. I have to say carbon kinda makes me nervous but I’d like to hear from you guys. Go!


Carbon and granite don’t like each other. We have a lot of rock on the hrm trails . With alum you get a dent with carbon a crack.


I’ve been hammering a Carbon bike for 3 years, same frame. Also, I have been riding cheap Chinese carbon rims for longer, they were on my aluminum hardtail for a year before I switched to a FS carbon frame.
My carbon bike has 5k on it, the rims have more. I ride it everywhere.
I believe modern carbon bikes are stronger and tougher than alum in everyway now, they have the layups figured out. Can you break one, probably, is it likely, I doubt it.


Tough call but nice position to be in!


I’m definitely not saying go carbon, just I don’t think you should choose based on something like durability, base it on price. You can get a LOT of bike if you stick with alum, and you only really save 1-2 pounds on the frame.
However, if you are total weight weenie, or like how a carbon bike rides (its stiffer), and have the $$, don’t be scared to rip a carbon bike down Gord’s at Fight Trail.


Agreed, terrible predicament to be in😛
I think you’ll have a blast on whichever flavour!


@darkmyth @Drgonzo @gtrguy @pmachan thanks guys. I know, terrible dilemma to have. Cost is a bit of an issue, will probably end up paying about $600-1000 mire for my build if I go carbon. I’m not a big weight weenie but when you’re 120 lbs with gear on it is nice when having to put the bike away or carry it over blow downs like we did last week end. If I go carbon it will be more of a frame size availability issue. I tend to personally lean towards steel then aluminum, titanium and carbon my last resort.
Thanks guys, appreciate your time.


During riding season i’m like 250-260lbs and I ride a carbon Giant Reign that is going on it’s third season. No complaints and I have taken multiple dirt and granite samples on it at fight and whopper with no issues. Like @pmachan said, modern carbon bikes are far tougher than they once were and they have a much longer life span since carbon doesn’t fatigue like aluminum. Does anyone other than an elite level XC racer need carbon? Probably not, but it is pretty rad, and I find carbon frames look way more badass since all the tubes and junctions are formed together. If you want carbon then I say go for it! @pmachan is a monster on the trail and clocks mad miles with impressive speed and hammers on carbon and has no issues. And I am literally a giant that has terrible line choices and I hammer on my carbon frame in a much different way than Paul and I have no issues.


I only went with aluminum because it cost less than the carbon version. Carbon you can repair (for a price) but I don’t know anyone who repairs aluminum frames (not counting buddy out back with a torch).


I like my Carbon bike a lot. At first I was a little nervous but it rides great! The carbon soaks up the bumps and is still stiff enough to climb.


Quote of the week, lol.


@JeffV I liked that line as well. Lol


Aluminium and carbon are both garbage! They are going to fail without warning and you will be maimed and possibly disfigured for life. Steel is real baby!


@bent6543 that be the


I love my carbon Anthem. Nothing wrong with it. My next bike is probably going to be aluminum because they are much cheaper. No other reason. Carbon is stronger.


how about Ti?


Can’t tell if serious or joking.


Are you looking at a full sus or hardtail? Either way, I say go carbon. Carbon is king.


Depends on the price. A cheap carbon bike can ride worst that a cheaper aluminum bike, with mass production carbon frames being churned out as quickly and cheaply as steal frames were back before aluminum became cheap and efficient. Just because its carbon doesn’t mean its better. With mtb I don’t think it is as critical, what with suspension doing most of the heavy lifting.


Maybe I should say ride a quality carbon bike, not chinese replica garbage. Look into knolly’s carbon frame design and layup. Look into their aluminum designs. Maybe they use shit carbon production. I don’t know enough about the company to say.