Compare and Contrast - Scott Scale 710+ vs Giant XTC Advanced +


I loves me a hardtail. I’ve figured out that I want to continue mountain biking but probably with a different bike. Everyone says get a FS and I get that. That is not what this thread is about. That’s a different thread.

What I’m curious about is real life impressions on the latest 27.5+ hardtails - specifically the Scott Scale and Giant XTC Advanced.

On paper:
Pros: Carbon Frame, Shimano Drivetrain (The SRAM on my Scale is fine, but I prefer the push-pull of Shimano shifters to the push-push of the SRAMs), Price
Cons: 29 pounds for a carbon hardtail?? Who the hell designed that?

Pros: Sub 27 pounds, Bulletproof Aluminum, Eagle Drivetrain, Twinloc, I already have a Scale, so I know what I’m getting there
Cons: Price, ??, Replacement costs for Eagle

Talk to me. What do you think?
Suggest other plus tire hardtails if you like, but skip the FS options, please!


If you have a scale, why not go for something more aggressive? Around here the aggresive hardtails really do shine on many of the trails. I have a 100 mm XC 29er and an aggressive hardtail with 140mm of travel even though its heavier it’s much more confidence inspiring.
However, if I was buying new I would be fairly sure the scale would be my choice of the 2as it is very light. But if I was in that market new I’d likely buy a cannondale with a lefty to be honest.


Thanks for the feedback

Budget and space dictate a 1 MTB/person basement with MrsMaritimer adding to the stable soon - as well as all manner of road bikes (Road, TT, Vintage steel, Rando, etc) taking up existing space. So having a 100mm XC 29er and a longer travel playbike is not really an option. I’m looking for an all-rounder and, yes, I appreciate the limitations inherent with that.

Not explicitly stated above is the fact that I haven’t ruled out a FS XC or Trail bike, but as stated, that is for a different thread.


In that case I feel that the scale is the best option. Its so incredibly light I feel as though it would be a blast for most xc trails and fireroads. I’ve not been on one but have ridden some light bikes and know the benefits.


Have you considered trail geo HTs? I don’t know many but Norco Fluid HT+ might be an option


See above. I offered that up. Most of them weigh in around the same as the Giant and shred. Not a play bike in my eyes.


The price point on the Norco is better than the Giant or the Scott. I used the term playbike mostly to distinguish from a race bike, which I don’t consider any of these to be.

The top end Norco is likely still pushing 30 lbs with that build. My roadie weight weenie probably need to be put in its place, but it still seems high for a hardtail.

Thanks and keep it coming!


Sorry was kinda thinking you were after a race bike! So if this is for your wife what about the Norco Charger? One of my friends owns one she quite likes.


This discussion is for a bike for me. I’m looking for a bike that is more competent in the rough stuff than my Scale XC bike, still a hardtail, and doesn’t weigh a ridiculous amount. That, I think, will actually be a somewhat expensive bike.

For MrsMaritimer, we’ve already got that narrowed down to something like a Specialized Ruze or a full-on fat bike. She’s a competent roadie who wants to learn to MTB and would prefer fatter tires than a typical entry level XC bike like the Charger. She needs something to boost confidence on our roots and rocky trails. Weight is less of a factor for her because speed will be an order or magnitude slower anyway.


And I’ll throw this out there for fun…

Kona Big Honzo?
Anyone? Anyone?



With the Norco perhaps the Fluid HT 2 is the sweet spot at $500 less for SRAM vs Shimano and Rockshox Recon vs Recon Gold, at the same weight with most everything else the same. Then you have lots of cash left over for some awesome tires.

True the Norco weighs the same as my Trance 2 FS so why? I guess I have 2.3" tires vs 2.8"

The other thing you might want to look at is a fat bike with a suspension fork. @oldguysampson has a Sasquatch (IIRC) that he built 29er+ wheelset for, it’s a pretty sweet ride and then you have a full on fat bike, too.


Looking at the Fluid, but also the Torrent.
I think that is the more aggressive style that @TheGOAT was talking about


Honestly, the aggressive style bikes still are quite versatile. I own an xc bike and an AM hardtail. I think weight and test rides are where you need to be focusing on.


Second that. I’m riding a hardtail fat bike (RSD Mayor) with a 29+ wheelset for summer. It’s a beast and I love it. May get a new one in the Fall though, so none may be up for sale if you’re interested in going that route and having something you can test ride.


@IanMHFX - You run a size large, yes? I might be interested in test riding that.


Living large, indeed. :laughing:

Let’s get together sometime when schedules mesh, meet up at a group ride, whatever.


The most important thing is to ride the bikes in question. The geometry is usually slightly different which can determine proper fit and proper feel on the trail for your use.

There are no real bad bikes anymore from major manufacturers. Just as long as they suit your needs and fit you. Test ride a lot of bikes!