Congrats to Russ and Kaarin


Huge congrats to both Russ and Kaarin for their performance at the Pisgah Stage Race.

Both are an inspiration for their dedication and ability on a bike, as well as doing so much for the local community and being just so darn likable!



Kaarin did her usual super strong riding all week. If she went in her age group of 40 plus she would have won! But always looking for more competition she rode in women’s open, Kaarin still came in an impressive 5th.
I on the other hand was not strong all week. After riding 1/2 of day 2 with no shocks down 2 very long technical descents my wrists just cramped on day 3 on any hard hills or rock gardens. My lowest point of the week was during a 9k climb day 3 and I had nothing left. And I knew that I could not give up now, what would I tell my Tuesday night friends. The people who were with me from the first days of MTB. That was the turning point of the week. You guy’s got me up that monstrosity of a hill. So a big thank you to all of you!! Day 4 and 5 were my best days!:mountain_biking_man:


Amazing Russ! We miss you on Tuesdays, can’t wait to hear all about it.


Was coming out tonight but the rain!!