Corn maze redo.....Friday, November 3


Going to ride the corn maze again this evening. Same deal as wednesday evening as to parking. I will be there earlier than 7 this evenjng but can come out to meet you or meet you in the maze.


Wish I could make it but I am still on crutches. No biking for a while.


Booo, injuries bad…heal fast!


Oh bummer. Crash or something bike related?


Hockey. Hurt my knee, MCL and meniscus.


Ah shitty. Hope you’re not out too long.


Ahh… heal up!


Wish I could have gone. But, not enough time in the day. Did manage to get a friend out on her first MTB ride at McDonald Sports Park today, though. Hopefully she’ll get hooked.

How’s the maze looking? Has it all fallen over yet?


Yes, it’s pretty much gone now.