Current Fight Trail conditions?


Did anyone ride Fight today? Was considering sneaking out for an early morning ride tomorrow AM, but not sure if the recent rainfall means the trails are too soft…


I’m thinking about riding there tomorrow, too. The newly built trails should be pretty good, and Attic as well thanks to the recent upgrades. Flat Lake Loop likely has a few sloppy sections.


I didn’t ride Fight today, but we were in building. The new-built sections were very sloppy, which makes me wonder if the rest of the system was too wet to ride. Another day of drying might help.

If you’re going in the afternoon, you can always take a look, and then if too wet to ride, come over and help us build. We’ll be working on the new trail leading from the Micah entrance (Spar Trail) to the entrance further up Alabaster (Nothin’ Fancy/Divide Trail).


Thanks for the info (and the building)!

I think the morning is the only time I can get away so might just keep it simple and go grind some Shubie gravel.


We rode yesterday.

Flat lake loop has a ton of very deep standing water. The Attic is pretty good, with some muddy spots. I’d avoid Osprey entirely, the parts that have dirt added seem to be gooey as hell and not really standing up to the wet (we didn’t ride that). Secret Single Track is in great condition.


Lots of hidden ice at Fight Trail this morning. Went down hard at the start of Osprey on an off camber section. No idea it was there and hit hard. Sitting here with ice on my fingers

Good conditions other than that


Ouch. Sounds like it might be time for studded tires…