Duty charges


Does anyone here have experience with ordering from bike-discount.de? What are the duty charges like when getting items shipped?


I bought when I was in the UK - really quick delivery & I think they used DHL to ship… which means you’ll get caught for duty (but at least they’ll do COD at the door for it)


I’ve ordered from them a number of times. The delivery ends up going through Canada Post once it arrives in Canada. You’ll pay 15% HST and Canada Post’s handling fee, which is about $10. Shouldn’t be any duty for most things. (I’ve never been charged any.)


Same as @ghost for me. That’s where I get my tires.


Thank you for the feedback


Bike parts are exempt from duty, but complete bikes are not. You’ll end up with a pretty nasty bill at the door if you’re buying a bike.

Check out https://www.merlincycles.com/ as well. I ordered my Hope hubs from there for quite a bit less than CRC had them for. Free shipping too.


Not a bike this time, only a bike trainer. Even with the exchange rate, the cost is well below what i can get it for around here.


Does a bike frame (with or without fork) get dinged for duty? Or does that count as a part?