ECMTB Fitz Camp-n-Ride - 17 June 2017


I’m out, it’s raining pretty good in Bedford now. Rain date?


No rain here yet. Calling for 5-10 starting at noon.


Looking at the weather radar and seeing the rain get closer to Fitz, so unfortunately Janet and I won’t be coming today. :frowning:


Ditto. Too much rain on the way.


Nothing here yet…


Okay…a bit moist…but we’re here now!


Too bad that I’ll just call this “I miss the ride” as I have an important event to go too! But enjoy the ride guys rain or shine!


Yes we rode it. Yes it was epic!

It didn’t rain much and under the canopy it was pretty good. The roots were wet of course. Off camber madness.




Awesome! Who made it out?


My pictures are fked up. We had 5. Nathan, Murphy, Chiz, Mike, Aaron, and myself.

But really, it did not rain much. Not raining at all now either. Lucked out, I guess.


The trails were great. Tacky, except for the roots.

I misplaced my lezyne gps probably where I was sitting in the chair or on the gravel when I bent down for the pic. It’s black, says lezyne and about 3 x 2". Please return if found!


I have your GPS. See you Tuesday!



Great time…and I think we lucked out with the weather. Helped to keep cool, especially on that long climb up the fire road. It would have been a lot rougher ride the next day in that heat. I I could not have gotten away with just a water bottle for the ride.