ECMTB Fitz Camp-n-Ride 2018 - 5th Annual


Tent site is booked for Saturday night, can’t wait!


I was told today that I didn’t have to book a tent site. I really hope they’re right.


Might have to make the trip down for this!


Here’s a collection of our post ride photos:


The first one we had our ass handed to us by local kids on hardtails, lol.


The second one was a blast. The camp fire was rocking that night.


Big crew for the third one. I lent an old hardtail to the guy on the right. (first time mountain biker, lol) He crashed and both wheels popped off.


It was raining in Halifax, which caused some to bail. One of the funner ones for me though, we sessions all the good stuff and the camp fire was rocking.


Are the trails “trailerbike” friendly? ie not too tight?

I might day trip it with my daughter

How steep are the hills (up!)? Just so I pick appropriate geared bike


Unfortunately, much of it is tight, steep and rough, @m0rk. That little clip I posted is a mild section.

Busy Biking Weekend coming up!

Built this campground kicker for “kids” to play with:


Weather looks frickin fantastic for the weekend!


Going to try to make this but likely arriving a bit after 1:00pm due to prior commitments. Any chance you can point me/us to the starting trail so we can try to catch up?

  • Enter from ball field. Turn left after bridge on Fitz trail.
  • When you hit the road turn right and take the “Y” on the right.
  • Head straight up the logging road to the top where it hooks left. (You may see signs for Rocket Robert, and Free Rider but keep climbing)

At this point, you are near the intersection of Sweet Svern, Kilt and Free Rider.

Message me from there. We will pass though that spot a few times.


Or if you’re familiar with Trailforks, park at the marked parking lot, start up “Original Fitz” until you hit the road, then climb the rest of the way up “A. MacLeod rd”.

The first time I rode there I just followed trailforks. It was pretty straight forward to figure out.


Like I said, turn left at the tree.


Don’t think we’re gonna make this one. Have fun!


Bummer… I even built a kicker ramp, man!


Perfect weather in Scotsburn/Pictou for riding on Saturday, 17ºc and partly cloudy. Almost a shame to miss the sunny 25/28ºc weather in Halifax…almost


@riderx, you coming down tonight? Also, don’t forget you are the bannerman. :smile:


I’ll be driving out from Halifax and back into town after the ride tomorrow if anyone is looking to tag along. I’ve got one extra spot on my rack. Leaving south end Halifax at 10:45am.

Give me a shout.


Will be there late afternoon got kiddo w/ me. Im just up for the beer bbq and chilling w the cool guys.


Is being the bannerman as prestigious as duffman?


Thanks for the great time, everyone. Definitely going to mark this on the calendar for next year!