ECMTB Weekly Group Ride


Temps tomorrow night look nice and crispy so let’s ride some hero dirt! We’ll be at the Bowater trails this week. There is no snow or ice on these trails so plain ol’ skinny tires will do just fine.

Where: Bowater - meet at the first entrance gate on Hiking Trail Rd. just off Highway 103.
When: Tuesday, Dec 4/18 @ 7pm
Difficulty: Intermediate

Notes: Lights are required.

  • Yes, see you there!
  • No, wish I could.
  • Maybe, I’ll let you know.

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If you plan to attend, please indicate above that you are going and ensure your profile has the Member Name and Emergency Contact fields filled in.

It is every rider’s responsibility to know their own abilities, make smart decisions and ride safely. As a community ride we will ensure you are not left behind and as a group we know we are safer when we have others with us.

Please pay attention to the trail difficulty posted above.


I’ve been wanting to check out these trails forever! :cry: On the good news front, it looks like I’ll have my fork back from warranty repairs soon and be able to get my Mayor back on the campaign trail.


Wish I could…Still haven’t ridden Bowater…


Banged my knees on granite last night!;( I’m off for a bit.


Ouch, hope yer alright, @shadowfox70. A bang on the knees can mess you up.


Precariously nursing myself :laughing:


You had to use a filter didn’t ya.


Yeah I had too on this busted knees. Now I’m rethinking my stance over e-mtb’s. Any ebikes for rent that you know?



I just realized there is life outside mtb. Lol. Literally one of the casualties as seth mentioned, enjoying all those YouTube vids and trying to enjoy my other hobbies not involving leg flexing.