ECMTB Weekly Ride - 1 Aug 2017


It was a blast. I might invest in lights soon though!


Ahhh sad to have missed it!


It’s that time of year to do so. It’s only going to get darker faster now.


Hey Jeff,
I was at Whopper on Tuesday evening but unfortunately was late and unable to connect with the group. I rode flip side and did a couple of passes on power line. On one of the passes I found a pair of dark brown tortoise shell sunglasses (Joe Fresh) in the middle of the fun rock section. Thought someone from the ride group may have lost them. Wasn’t sure where to post on the site so thought I’d flip this over to you as I believe you were on the ride.

Let me know


Sorry, we missed you, @mistermagoo.

I haven’t heard of anyone losing glasses yet.


I made a post for it. Thanks.


Thanks Jeff.

Hoping to connect with you guys for a ride at some point.