Empire Trails Opening For Season


We will be opening the Empire Trails on Sunday, May 6th! Stay tuned for details and plan to come up for some amazing riding! For details follow us at www.facebook.com/empiretrails

Gore / Empire Trails

I moved this to its own event, @MichaelB.


Is anyone organizing a group ride for opening day? I might actually be able to get out for a weekend ride for a nice change.


I’m in!


I don’t think I can make it… but I’d say make it an official ride, @jetter!


Maybe check in with @MichaelB first. It’s been pretty wet this week.


If conditions are good I’d be interested. Let me talk to Larissa.


can’t wait to hit the trails there!


Anyonw up for a morning ride? I need to be back in Bedford for 2:30 but would love to ride out there!


I will be starting a ride at 3pm Sunday for anyone interested. Only time I can get out this weekend. With the wind today it should be drying out nicely. There are a few trees that I sawed but didn’t remove cause I only had so much time and wanted to make sure trails were leaf blown. See ya out there


I probably should ride my bike today.


Looks like I’m actually going to be able to make the 3:00 ride now. :slight_smile:


Good turnout?


6 people on the 3 o’clock ride. Another half dozen or so had just finished riding when we were getting ready to go, and a few other people around.

The trails were an absolute blast as always!


A gang of us are going to Gore for 10am tomorrow morning for anyone interested. We didn’t get a lot of rain so should be mint with the wind picking up. C’mon out and ride the Empire.