Empire Trails to Open May 20th


Don’t mind me, I just don’t react well to ambiguous statements is all. Keep it real! I’m looking forward to riding some new trails up there.


I think if that was known from the start, a lot of the discussion wouldn’t have happened. If you’re interested in some communications help, I could offer a bit of time. I used to be the Communications guy for Run Nova Scotia (first writing the newsletters and running Twitter account, then as Vice Chair overseeing the newsletters and all social media).

I do hope to get out to Empire Trails as I’ve never been, having only gotten back into riding late last year and still learning trails in HRM (and there are still parts of Whopper and Spider Lake I haven’t hit).

@tommyboy: I’ll take you up on the offer of an Empire tour. From all reports, I won’t be looking for a refund. Let’s ride! :sunglasses:


Your very right Ian, edited. Its just been a long road developing the trails in Gore. Thanks, yes, we plan to improve in all areas and I would appreciate your time.


No worries, Ill try to avoid them.


@MichaelB appreciate the time and effort you guys are putting into those trails. Can’t wait to ride the new stuff.

You’ve got a good size audience of mtb’ers here on this forum. Feel free to post up anytime with trail updates, calls for volunteers, maps, anything.


Thanks, that’s good to know. We will have lots of updates to come in the month ahead.


Darkmyth and I are going to be working on the Empire trails this Saturday at 10am for anyone interested. Shawn wants to take a crew to fix a couple of existing problems on the Hurricane trail and I will have a crew working on some new trail. For anyone interested in volunteering 4 hours to a great project. We might ride after if the trails are dried out.
Let me know if you are in


I am already committed to a track meet on Saturday afternoon, but I don’t yet have the schedule. If I can manage it, I’d like to come help out - though almost certainly unable to ride afterward.


I wish I were able to as well but my wife is away and I am hanging out with my daughter this weekend.

But I encourage people to go make them trails awesome! :wink:

We’re really hoping we can get an official ride in there this spring.


Who is riding in Gore this weekend? I can lead a ride on Sunday morning at 10am for anyone interested. If you aren’t racing Victoria’s Secret then come out and enjoy a tried and true series of loops around The Empire Trails. Darkmyth and I are working on a new sick and steep trail on Saturday for anyone interested. It is almost ready to ride and should be for Sunday. First Double Black Diamond trail in Gore. Woot!!!


Does a map of the trails exist? I’ve been a few times and find stuff to ride but I’m wondering what else I might be missing…


I’m booked at the track from 10am - noon on Saturday, but would be keen to ride Sunday or help out on Saturday afternoon. Not sure I want to ride double-black diamond yet, though…


Double rum and coke? I mean, double black diamond…exciting.


double rum! I might be up for that sat ride with Dad @darkmyth


Double black? are you sure? That would be the 3rd double black trail in all of Nova Scotia according to Trailforks.


Last I heard are going to be installed by this weekend.


Gtrguy the maps have been printed. He is trying to get them up by the weekend. The weather hasn’t been helping. The focus was creating the Bunny Trail which is a beginner loop that Mike wants open ASAP. And yes Bent I am sure it will live up to whatever standard you have created in your mind for Double Black Diamond!!!


Awesome- is the map available online by chance or just on site?


Saw on Facebook that the plan is for a soft opening this weekend due to recent weather…

What does “soft” mean??? I was thinking of heading up from Halifax over the weekend but if all the trails aren’t open I might opt out…


Same…five of us planning to head up but might hold off if the trails are not fully open and rideable